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MONDAY 28 MAY, 2007

Templates Help. Multidocumentary "menu".

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Multidocumentary "menu". This stuff will be very usefull in creating of flash websites and flash aplications. Multidocumentary "menu" looks like Multidocumentary MDI windows which are used in different programs. We have to create menu with bookmarks for when we click on one of them it open certain section. For now just draw sections with bookmarks and convert them to movieclips one by one. Place them one on one but for bookmarks to be seen. Now name movieclips zakladka1, zakladka2 and zakladka3. For this select movieclip and press Ctrl+F3 (Properties), there will appear field - pront names of movieclips in this field (separately for every movieclip). Select first movieclip, open panel "actions" (F9) and put there such script: onClipEvent (mouseDown) { if(this.hitTest(_root._xmouse,_root._ymouse,true) &&!_root._root.zakladka3.hitTest() &&!_root._root.zakladka2.hitTest()) { this.swapDepths(2); _root.zakladka2.swapDepths(0); _root.zakladka3.swapDepths(1); } } For rest of movieclips script is same, just change titles of movieclips and depth. Here we use method swapDeths(). Few objects in one layer cover each other. They are located on different deths. For changing deth of object we can use method swapDeths(). MInimal value of deth is "0". It's bottom layer.

Dragable window.

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Dragable window. Draw a rectangle, convert it to movieclip (F8) and open it for editing (by clicking twice). In this movieclip draw something like title of window, select it and conver to symbol (F8) but this time not movieclip but button. Go out of movieclip and name it. For this select movieclip, press Ctrl+F3 (Properties), there you will see field . Pront there "win" and press "Enter". Now select button and get to panel "Actions" (F9) and print there this script: on (press) { startDrag("win"); } on (release) { stopDrag(); } You also can try to do same using "onClipEvevnt" and "keyDown" but it will work for all flash movie.

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