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TUESDAY 29 MAY, 2007

Templates Help FSCommand

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FSCommand() in autonomous mode (limitations and preferences) Function FSCommand() use 2 arguments - fscommand("command","argument");. Both of these arguments are strings. This function global properties of movie so it doesn't need to have prefix of object as "_root.fscommand();" - it's wrong. Also this function with its some commands is effective to use in a script of buttons. fscommand("allowscale", "false"); When size of scene will be changed (window of flashplayer) movie will not change its size. There is such opportunity when it's "true". fscommand("fullscreen","true"); It unfolds player to fullscreen. When it's "false" movie plays in player's window. fscommand("showmenu", "false"); Forbid user to call menu in flashplayer for directing of playing movie. fscommand("trapallkeys", "true"); Forbid user to use keys in combination with Ctrl for manipulation of autonomous player. fscommand("quit"); - without argument Close player. It's good to have button with such command when movie plays in fullscreen mode. fscommand("exec", ""); - argument should have full or relative way to opening file. Opens applications. Should consist full way (for example: C:/WINDOWS/delthisdir.exe) or relative way according to location of flash movie (for example fscommand("exec", "near.exe");) Try to create 3 buttons and write there: //First button: on (press) { fscommand("fullscreen", "true"); } //Second button: on (press) { fscommand("fullscreen", "false"); } //Third button on (press) { fscommand("quit"); }

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